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    I'm looking for 2 candidates to work as truck dispatchers in the US (remotely from Colombia, anywhere). A trucking dispatcher is a person who coordinates the movement of cargo between brokers, shippers and carriers (trucking companies), this person books loads from brokers in something called a LOADBOARD; a loadboard is a listing where shippers and brokers post their loads and dispatchers either bid or contract the load directly from brokers and shippers at an agreed rate.
    This job offer is done remotely, the dispatcher can work from home with a computer and an internet connection. The person applying for this job MUST MEET rigurously every requirement to be considered for the position. So if you do not meet the requirements then you would be wasting your time and mine, the requirements are very specific and easy to understand, if you made it this far in this post then you most likely meet one of the requirements.
    1-You need to have an excellent level of english spoken and written; WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH LEVEL, We are looking for people who, at some point, either lived in the US or has extensive experience dealing with US citizens, ether through an hospitality job, turism related job, etc; you will be talking on a daily basis with american clients, shippers, brokers, truck drivers, so you need to be able to maintain a comfortable fluent conversation, if you don't understand youtube videos or people need to repeat things at you constantly then this job is not for you, you will be tested, obviously you will have an accent but you need to understand what people say to you.
    2-You need to be good with numbers, you will be constantly calculating things like speed, distance, hours, locations, if you need a calculator to calculate 350x3-1000= then this job may not be for you; you will be subject to pressure, you will need to handle more than one job at a time, as a matter of fact you will be tested online to qualify.
    3-You will be working from home so you need to be extremely self-motivated and focus, this job you need to give 100%, if you are the kind that needs a boss to be pushing you around, gets easily distracted then you won't last a week in this business. You need to wake up early without a problem, if you are "not a morning person" then forget it, you will be working with computers so it's easy to get distracted with social media, messengers, etc, so if you are not self disciplined please don't waste your time.
    4-You need to have a good realiable computer, something like intel i3 or better, 3 GHz or faster, 2 GB of ram at least and a decent LCD monitor. You need to be able to connect 2 additional monitors to your computer, it's easy to do with VGA to USB adapter. If you are technicaly inclined that's a big plus. You also need to have a decent camera for zoom interviews.
    5-You need to have a broadband internet connection, you will need to prove at least a download speed of 20 MB per second, be able to use skype or other Voip.
    6-You need to have a smart phone with unlimited call and text, a good reliable service provider and have Whatssup installed.
    7-You can start training with one monitor but you need to have the financial ability to aquire the extra equipment mentioned above in a short time and support yourself during training, training lasts between 2 and 4 weeks depending on you, the sooner you learn the faster you will start working and earning money. Cash advances are available for those that show great predisposition.
    1-You will be working from home, no commute, no traffic, no putting up with the weather, which is a huge advantage.
    2-You will get paid in american dollars, between $400 and $800, so no inflation problems.
    3-There're huge advancement opportunities, we will need recruiters, trainers, managers, etc.
    4-This is a little bit difficult job in the beginning, about the first or two months, but after that, once you u

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