Virtual Sales Representative

Sacramento | 1 March 2024

Virtual Sales Representative, 85 000 USD ($)

Sacramento | 1 March 2024, Richard Eddie, №106696, views: 14
    Our company is looking to hire interested and experienced candidates for virtual sales, marketing and procurement positions. The candidates are to connect with other teammates in the company to organize speedy sales of products and services for the company as virtual sales representatives and brokers. If the company needs to procure items from other companies without disclosing itself to avoid inflated prices by sellers, the candidates are called upon to handle that task too. We currently have a number of virtual sales representatives, but we need more to cover cover and take on our numerous tasks and demands.
    Usually, we pay for every task handled because it mostly require just messaging and phone communications with clients, depending on when the candidate accomplishes the given task. For the sale of products, we usually give a percentage to each candidate on each product they sell, so when they make sales and receive payment from the buyers, they remit the balance to the company after deduction of their given percentage.
    Now, the company sells both oils and lubricants and also provides energy services as an integrated energy, oil, and gas company. We buy crude oil as well from various countries across the globe, and this is one of the major reasons why we employ virtual sales, marketing, and procurement representatives from various countries because we employ their services to inspect and handle these contracts on behalf of the company conveniently from their residential countries without having to pay huge expenses to fly our staffs around the world. The company also offers training to all newly employed candidates for some time to get them acquainted with any task that they are required to handle, and each given task comes with an instruction and guidelines on how it should be executed so that the candidate won't have to worry about inexperience. If you would like to join our team, forward your resume for immediate screening and possible employment.
    Richard Eddie
    Senior Recruiting Personnel
    South Florida Recruiters
    +1 719 314 6914
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    Richard Eddie
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