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COMPACT INTUITIV System, 12 700 USD ($)

Temecula | 15 July 2023, Ashley A. Peterson, №95422, views: 1
    The COMPACT INTUITIV System is designed to help you set the pace for your practice. With high efficacy and enduring practicality, it’s a system you can count on to be ready in the moment and deliver value over time. The COMPACT System also keeps phaco moving forward. Designed to outperform expectations, it unifies high utility and enduring practicality for reliable assurance in the moment — and in the long run.
    This device is set to Keep your procedures moving smoothly with a system that’s primed for both utility and dependability.
    Proactive IOP Management with Automatic Occlusion Sensing
    Keep it steady. Proactive intraocular pressure (IOP) management helps monitor and maintain IOP throughout each case, so you’re free to focus on the patient, not the pressure.
    Monitors vacuum levels throughout the case
    Optimizes power settings for enhanced control and improved efficiency
    Anticipates pressure changes and responds proactively to occlusion breaks
    Protects the chamber during post-occlusion surge
    Ultrasound Efficiency with the ELLIPS® FX Handpiece
    The ELLIPS FX Handpiece balances confidence with control, so you get powerful, effective cutting while still protecting the eye. Phaco tip moves continuously in three dimensions for power and followability.
    Smooth, efficient cutting with minimal clogging
    Reduced heat generated at the incision
    Less corneal edema
    Lower endothelial cell loss
    Compatibility with all Johnson & Johnson Vision phaco tips
    Responsive Fluidics with a Proprietary Peristaltic Pump
    Keep your procedures moving smoothly with reliable, stable fluidics. The COMPACT INTUITIV System uses a proprietary peristaltic pump that’s designed to give you steady command over fragments and flow.
    Minimizes clogging
    Helps maintain a working space between the handpiece and the iris and posterior chamber
    Allows you to effectively pull the first quadrant centrally
    Holds large fragments at the tip
    Each COMPACT INTUITIV System comes with assorted supplies:
    Administration Set (18)
    Tubing Hub in Sterilization Pouch (5)
    OPO 85 Multi-Use Pack (5)
    OPO 85 Single-Use Pack (5)
    Vitrectomy Cutter and Irrigation (10)
    Closed Drain Bags (14)
    This comes equipped with:
    One year warranty
    1 Ellips FX hand pieces
    Remote and foot pedal
    Rolling station
    Dust cover
    The compact Intuitive System Price is set at 12700
    WhatsApp: +1438(834)4324
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