Refined Sunflower Oil Available

from Singapore | 21 July 2022

Refined Sunflower Oil Available, 350 EUR (€)

from Singapore | 21 July 2022, cartergilll, номер: 76040, просмотры: 8
    Our Refined oils are fit for Human Consumption and certified by pre-shipment Inspection. Non-GMO, 100% free from any coloring materials, flavors, anti-foaming agents and meets all ISO 22000 requirements.
    Sunflower Oil is manufactured according to a process that should confer to the finished product the following specifications:
    Specifications Recommended value
    Organoleptic: Neutral/bland taste; absence of foreign odours and flavours
    Moisture and volatile matter 0.2% maximum
    Insoluble impurities 0.05% maximum
    Free fatty acid 0.15% maximum expressed as oleic acid
    Linoleic acid (C18:2): 48.3-74% of total fatty acids
    Delta-7-Stigmasterol 6.5-24 % of total sterol
    Acid value 0.6 mg maximum of KOH/g oil
    Color 5-1/4 inch Lovibond cell
    Red: 1.5 maximum
    15 maximum
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    350 EUR (€)
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    Ad ID: 76040
    Price: 350 EUR (€)
    Country: Singapore
    City: Singapore
    Category: For Sale, Farm & Ranch