Am Hungry (a pathway to success)

from Calabar | 27 October 2023

Am Hungry (a pathway to success), 5 USD ($)

from Calabar | 27 October 2023, Alex Ovrawah, №100720, views: 3
    “Only Living People get Hungry”
    When you hear about the word "Hunger" you immediately think it's probably about food, I, think someone is hungry. That's not the topic for today it is far from such discussion.
    When we see people who were unknown, untalked about, unpreferred becoming the standing order of today, the talk of the town, the most approved of all and even more recognized than most presidents and leaders of our time is because they are successful.
    They were not successful because they appeared at such a spot at the twinkling of an eye or a magician waving a wand to answer all their wishes.
    What makes people successful and celebrated continuously is because they had just one thing and held it all through the way and that's "Hunger".
    Abraham Lincoln became the President of the U.S.A at a desperate time because he was "Hungry" to become the leader of the Nation at that dispensation.
    India would never have a great spokesperson if Mahatma Gandhi was not carrying the capacity to speak for his people, this couldn't have happened if he wasn't hungry to see change happen in his time when the colonists were around.
    The world remembers the British, the Spanish and the French armies because they dominated the world at a particular dispensation. This happened because they were hungry to dominate the world.
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