123 inkjet cartridge refillng

from Nairobi | 30 July 2023

123 inkjet cartridge refillng, 500 KES (KSh)

from Nairobi | 30 July 2023, peter nganga, №96752, views: 5
    It can sometimes be cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace the set of Inkjet cartridges or toner cartridges supplied with the printer. The major printer manufacturers − Hewlett Pack (HP) Lexmark, Dell, Canon, Epson samsung toshiba kyocera kyocera Brother Konica Minolta − use a razor and blades business model, often breaking business laws of making profit and selling printers at lose and expecting to recover there loses from Inkjet cartridge and toner cartridges over the life time of the printers. Since much of the printer manufacturers' profits are from ink and toner cartridge powder sales, some of these companies have taken various actions against aftermarket cartridges. One by heavily using advertising that only favor them and giving false warranty that doesn’t even exist if they you want to give warranty they should give for 10 years and money guaranteed returned if your printer breaks down not 100 days it of no use everything has its end of life and nobody wants to be stuck with an old technology your bought a new printer in the 80’s and still year 2020 you still have it most printer manufacturers always release a brand new printer after every three weeks not for storage but for sale and we are taking of not one printer but millions of millions of printers. Top up your exhausted toner cartridge with our high quality toner powder refills and you will give your toner cartridges a new lease of life. After all, you don't scrap your new car when it runs out of petrol, do you? Most cartridges can be filled five times to ten times. Toner refilling is the practice of refilling empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of buying a complete new toner cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one . Refilling as a service. Many independent companies offer a refilling service where customers can bring empty cartridges to be refilled. Toner refill franchises have sprung up over the last few years. Such refill chains offer services for customers to bring their empty used toner cartridges and have them refilled on site or exchanges with a ready filled toner cartridges. Refilling cartridges does not damage your printer has it has been made to be a forced believe by the media and the local sales man every thing has its end of life and nobody wants to get stuck with an old tech while everyone else has moved on . Forget a bout the media they say what you pay them to say money talks of course. Toner refilling has perfected the art of professional refilling. Do not be brainwashed by media advertising refill your used toner cartridges and give you toner a new lease of life for only ksh 1600 for all hp toners samsung toners brother toners canon toners dell toners kyocera toners. Inkjet cartridge refillng black ksh 500 coloured Inkjet cartridges refillng ksh 700 any type. If Your printer start flashing the “Low Toner” warning. You can use the usual old trick of (shaking from left to right) rocking the cartridge, and You will continue printing for a while , but eventually things will start to fade from carbon black to ghostly grey, and it will time to face the fact that your cartridge is empty needs replacement. Always ignore the message that says toner cartridge low please replace there's 25% toner powder inside. Your should always remove cartridge from the printer shake gently your cartridge return to printer will continue to print.
    Save refill reuse rethink. Did your printer breakdown and is beyond repair? If your answer is yes and your supplier will not take back the new or used toner cartridges supplied to you do not keep those new or used toner cartridges until they expire sell them call anywhere within Nairobi county other places we make arrangements. We provide a same day service in most cases. Kyocera toner powder 435 grams ksh 2500 Toshiba 1kg toner powder 1500.Samsung Rico brother dell canon drums from ksh 400 to 500 sensor from ks
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